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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vintage Wedding

What it Means to Have a Vintage Wedding
     Weddings are very special and it is a very important day for the couple who will seal their love forever. The exchange of vows between the bride and the groom is something that should always be remembered. That is the reason why some couples opt to have a wedding that is very unique and unusual for everyone so it will be stored in the memory of each one in the event. Why not have a vintage wedding and capture the beauty of the past?
   Vintage weddings will bring you back in time where rock and roll and hairspray was a hit.  The first thing the couple should think about is the specific time period. The vintage weddings theme can either be Victorian or retro, 1920’s to 1960’s.  If the couple wants exciting concepts in the past, Victorian inspired setting will suit them. The couple who usually wants to have a vintage wedding would like to capture the atmosphere of real love and romance. Most couple says that traditional weddings nowadays lack the real essence of the event which is the celebration of love. In vintage wedding, everyone will get to feel the past starting from the dress, songs and the dance.
Preparing for a vintage wedding can be lots of fun. Going back to the past will definitely make everyone enjoy and feel good. Vintage weddings will be a glorious event for everyone. Go back in time and feel the love, romance and excitement by planning for a vintage wedding.
source:  Here

Tips for a Vintage Wedding
• Before you begin, pick an era and then design the wedding accordingly
• Vintage is a concept of old mixed with new – so don’t feel you need to buy an array of new things that “look old.”
• Have a look at 2nd hand or charity shops for old pieces or accessories that you can use. Be it retro furniture or art deco-inspired wall paper – you will find some bargains.
• Pay attention to detail - like a string of pearl on an old book
• Remember – if you decide on a theme – everything must fit into the theme. From music to the décor!

source:  Here

So mulai sekarang kene ikut tips tu.. selalu pergi kedai 2nd hand cari barang antik  :)


  1. wah tak sabar nak tunggu mimi punya wedding. mesti cantik. raya ni i balik kampung, i tgk if ada barang2 vintage yang still available i bagi kat you... :)

  2. i like vintage style.nak buat je masa wedding tapi....

  3. LIS : tenkiu2.. I sukeee :)
    ZIMIE : tapi..... kenape yer..? :)